Designers Note: All Things New!

Designers Note: All Things New!

Hello Lover,

Spring 2024 representing new life is so fitting for the season that I am in as a new mother. 

Yup, my life has changed for the better and as of February I am a mommy to my greatest creation, my little girl ilah kiyomi. The sweetest girl with the cutest cheeks and smile. This love is like no other and I am so blessed and grateful to be her mom.

Due to this new journey that I am on I took a break from LoveBomb to focus on my family but that doesn’t mean that my first baby LBDS is no longer. With that said, LBDS Spring 2024 is coming soon with a collection focused on “Growth” considering I will forever BLOOM.

I respect the idea of the new year starting in spring based on the new season and renewal of nature. New Life! I’m celebrating all things NEW. I am in my Garden Era.

So happy New Life to you my Loves! May your year continue to be filled with many days of joy and blessings because you deserve.

With Love Always, Always Love,



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