"PRINTS ON" with your "BEST GYALS"

"PRINTS ON" with your "BEST GYALS"
Lovers we would like to introduce to you our first garm from the "PRINTS ON" Collection. A collection of branded garments representing LoveBomb to the fullest.
Let's start with our  "BEST GYALS" all in one.
She's comfy, made best for chill vibes but can be paired with an oversized denim shirt and heels to dress her up. 
Size Range: Small - XLarge
A Gyals Night In is the vibe we get from the "BEST GYALS" all in one. You know, chilling with your best gyals spilling the latest tea, ordering takeout, mixing cocktails and just enjoying each others company while nibbling on some Duch Pops.
Sounds like a good time!!
SHOP by the studio TODAY!
Mon-Fri 10am-5pm
Saturday by appointment only!
Jasmine @off.enimsaj
Tianna @queenxtii
Creative Directing: 
Brittany Yakima @brittany_yakima
Michaela Lewis @miadonl
Frozen Treats:
Duch Pops @duchpopsbermuda
LoveBomb Design Studio
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