Designers Note: Pens up, journals and hearts open.

Designers Note: Pens up, journals and hearts open.

Hello Lover,

As I've stated before, life be life'n but I'm grateful for every breath, every day, every lasting moment.

Although sometimes it is pretty difficult to just live in the moment of being grateful for all that we have while awaiting all that we dream of and want so desperately.

Does that make us ungrateful? Or just outright impatient?

My patience runs quite thin when I start to think about how I would LOVE my life and brand to be. Forgetting that so much of what I have in this moment is what I actually dreamed about, prayed and asked God for.

Every morning I wake up and thank God for allowing me to see another day. Another day to be a blessing to others, for others to be a blessing to me, for my huge yet little blessing that is growing inside of me. Because each day I am grateful to be here in this moment.

This is a reminder for us all. To be patient and to be grateful. To also trust that with every great thing we speak over our lives we shall trust that they will come to fruition as we imagine or even better. But with time.

As a mother-to-be I feel so blessed to experience the beauty of growing a human. It is such a beautiful experience that I was so unsure of whether or not it was even going to be a possibility for me. Each day, week and month I experience something new with my Little Lover and she sure does put a smile on my face already. My darling, yes I'm having a girl! A little mini me as my close friends would say. I look forward to experiencing the sweetest moment with my little family. But for now I'll take this beautiful experience of growing her until the sweet day that we meet.

We have one more month left in 2023 and I pray that you enjoy every moment of it with love, safety, security, peace and everlasting abundance because you deserve.

With Love Always, Always Love,



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