Designers Note: Pens up, journals and hearts open.

Designers Note: Pens up, journals and hearts open.

Safe Space.

When we go through traumatic experiences, they tend to push us toward whatever we feel is best for us at the time.

It's like a new dimensional world of taking trauma and transforming it into something that brings us closer to the peace that we deserve.

Taking steps to better our lives for we do not need to take on negativity of others. We deserve to live the peaceful life that we've always dreamed about.

In saying this, I've been through a lot this year. No regrets but 2023 has been extremely eye opening for me. Things that I would not wish on anyone ever in this lifetime or the next. 

Although life has been as one'n. The most beautiful news, life decisions and experiences have come from the traumatic months and moments. 

It has all taught me to do what is best for me in each moment. To not push on because I am supposed to be strong but to push on because sitting in the negative will only pull me further down. Being able to find the positive in life experiences while allowing myself to express has been extremely helpful during this journey of mine.

I pray whatever it is that you may be going through, you come out better than ever before. That you allow yourself to grow even though it will be uncomfortable. Be sure to do it for you first and foremost, recognizing that you are only one person who is human and should not have to carry the burden of others on your own.

Please love on you as you would others because you deserve the love that you so often give.

With Love Always, Always Love,



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  • This is so beautiful and timely for so many reasons. Thank you. Hugs!!


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