Fashion in Bermuda: Fallin’ to Winter Fashion Show

Fashion in Bermuda: Fallin’ to Winter Fashion Show
Hello Lover,

With another runway show under my belt and the launch of my 9th collection it feels so good to be in the space of peace and growth. Growth as a person but also as a designer.
This time around, producing a full collection is most important on the bases of manufacturing and having a line of products ready and available for my Lovers.
The days of launching a collection with no product to sell have almost completely come to an end as I will be releasing the launch date of my Fall '22 collection sooner than later. 
On Saturday November 19th, ‘SUNRISE’ my latest collection was showcased alongside five other Bermudian designers during a Local Designer Fashion Show held at Funzone in the east end of the island. Omejae of YaYa Apparel pulled it all together within a few months.
It was a lovely day spent running around, moving the show from outside to indoors considering the rain would not let up, fitting models, scene run throughs and just chatting it up with my Bombshells. Luckily, I didn't start to feel stress until right before my scene where I started forgetting the names of my models during the lineup to head downstairs. lol
My sister Aallayah tagged along for the day as my assistant, and I was so grateful to experience the day with her.
I look forward to being a part of more Fashion in Bermuda moments as there is a need for our creatives on island to be highlighted, celebrated, honored and acknowledged for their craft.
My first real public experience with fashion on island came about in 2014 when I showcased my very first collection thanks to the Bda Fashion Festival. Now that they are no longer it is up to all of us in fashion to continue supporting one another as it is a very rocky road as a creative in general in Bermuda.
I encourage us all to push through and keep our craft alive by showcasing collections and creating networking events to be taken serious as our passion for fashion runs deeper than one would know. 
Stay tuned for updates on what's to come, where and when to purchase as well as which events will align with my 9th collection... 'SUNRISE.'
Love Always, Always Love.
- LoveBomb Bri
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