Alarm Set (Check) Subscribed for Newness Updates (Check)

Alarm Set (Check) Subscribed for Newness Updates (Check)

A fresh start is a journey that requires a plan and our plan is to bring you our latest collection. 

Curated High Tea Spring '21

featuring our one of a kind Lover,



Expect garms handmade in the studio by yours truly, one of each size garms Curated by LBDS just for you, and just a few of our athleisure pieces which are bold but oh so perfect for your at home activities.

Be still, be chill while wearing Athleisure by LBDS but also take advantage of "outside" the safest way you can so you can serve these lewks honey.



It has been a long time since our last collection so it felt good prepping for our launch with a shoot shot by our photographer J.Renea and our featured ambassador and friend @iamthundee. In just a matter of hours it was high school all over again. A Saturday with the ladies playing dress up, having our makeup done and running around to beat the clock as we only scheduled for a 4 hr day.

It was lovely and got me all excited for the next and the next and the next shoot. (that's just me putting it out into the atmosphere)

This year I look forward to creating content, creating garms that scream LoveBomb and Revamping loads of denim for your wardrobe.

January is the International Month of creativity but we're making it our YEAR of creativity. Lovers, allow your creative juices to flow. Ain't no stopping us now, right?! 

See you on Monday at 10am sharp ;) 


Shoot Dets:


Shoot Assistant - Studio Intern

Model - @iamthundee @brittany_yakima

Photographer - @j.reneaphotos

Makeup - @makeupbyrave

Hair - @blac_widow


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