Designers Note: So refreshing!

Designers Note: So refreshing!


A new year is approaching us and I can’t be more excited for it. I’m mainly excited for what’s to come, which includes what I have in store for you as well as the unplanned and unknown. 

Although it’s normal for us to live day by day never knowing what’s in store; considering it’s a pandemic that we are living through the unknown seems even more of just that “the unknown”.

What’s next? We have no idea but it will not stop me from planning and pushing forward while keeping positive vibes in the forefront.

As I work on my 2021 calendar I reflect on what a year this has been. 

In 2020 I gained, I loss, I created, and I’ve probably sewn more than ever before. I expect the new year to bring out the creative side in all of us in everything that we do. Use creativity during your best and worst times as it can be the perfect stress reliever. 
“I create for therapy” - I think I’ll put that on a shirt.

 I’ll always wish you the best in all that you do because my loves you deserve it.

*pours a glass of wine for a toast to creating all 2021*
Cheers my Loves & Happy New Year!! *clink clink clink*


Lover Bri


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  • When you do your shirt “I create for therapy”, please add an 1X for me! Than for me “I am therapy!” Blessings B


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