Fashion in Bermuda: You're invited to exclusive LBDS events

Fashion in Bermuda: You're invited to exclusive LBDS events

Curating collaborative experiences to highlight the arts, design and fashion is what to expect from events with LBDS and Just Dreams.

I’ve joined forces with Cyniqua Anderson of Just Dreams to showcase our passions in one space along with artist Carlos Santana and creative makeup artist Brittany Medeiros to produce 'Synergy', a designers showcase featuring a fusion of art, fashion design and event design. 

Enjoy bites by Chef Lay of Amazin. Glazin, Sip on specialty drinks provided by The Sip Source and dance the evening away with Dj Ibreeze of King Jyrus


We are inviting you to escape your encumbrances and find what brings you peace. Experience each of our art forms in a social setting to bolster conversation, awareness and engagement while promoting the collaboration of art/artists in many forms.

With LoveBomb Design Studio my goal is to not only bring you fashion but to hold a space for you to be and feel like you. We have so much life to live and we should be able to do it in peace. With peace comes work and growth and experiences. Let's work on our peace of mind so that each day we are not only a light to others but a light to ourselves.



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